Watch: ‘Stranger Things’ unveils amazing new animated short


As fans await more news on season four, Netflix has unveiled a new animated Stranger Things short. The penultimate run of the smash-hit series is finally about to launch in a couple of months’ time, but it’s still a little too soon for the streamer to properly push ahead with the promotion for it just yet. In lieu of a new trailer, Netflix has treated fans this weekend to a strange Saturday morning cartoon…

“Your Saturday just got stranger, and we’re flipping out,” the official Stranger Things Twitter account wrote in its caption to the short. The minute-long video is an animated adaptation one of the show’s most iconic scenes — the moment in season one when Eleven uses her telekinetic powers to flip a Hawkins Lab truck through the air. Check it out here:

The animation style, a blend of 2D-animation and stop-motion, is gorgeous and its asides are inventive. In fact, it makes us crave an actual Stranger Things animated series. Imagine how cool that would be. It could even pastiche classic 1980s cartoons, like the series does ’80s movies.

While that’s just a pipedream, though, the good news is there may be more of these adorable shorts on the way over the next few weekends. In response to a fan inquiring what could drop next Saturday, the Stranger Things account replied “another cartoon up my sleeve.”

Unlike previous runs, Stranger Things season four will be split into two, with its first half arriving on May 27 and the rest dropping five weeks later on July 1. Though it clocks in at nine episodes, just one more than the regular length, the season is being pitched as double the size of previous runs in terms of screentime, with creators the Duffers confirming they wrote over 800 pages of script for this season. Season five will follow in 2023 or beyond.

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