Watch: take a bite out of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 11 part two trailer


The second part of The Walking Deads 11th and final season promises nail-biting conflict between the seemingly utopian Commonwealth society and their ruthless stormtroopers, the last survivors of Alexandria, and of course plenty of zombies, in a brand new trailer.

The show’s 11B season, as it is called, will premiere on AMC on Feb. 20, with access for AMC Plus subscribers coming one week sooner, on Feb. 13. The second installment of the season is expected to span from February to April, barring any delays.

With the final season broken up into three parts, each is slated to receive eight episodes, totaling 24. The first eight aired from August to October of 2021. After the second part of the final season concludes in April, the third stretch of eight episodes — dubbed 11C — is expected to drop sometime before the year comes to a close, according to GamesRadar.

With only three episodes left to shoot, it seems relatively feasible The Walking Dead will be able to crank out its final episodes before the calendar page flips to 2023. With that being said, the surge of the ongoing coronavirus in its more transmissible omicron variant state has reportedly halted the production of a number of other projects in Hollywood, such as Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, so you never know.

For now, we can get transported to a world where a pandemic of a completely different sort has turned much of the world into zombies by tuning into season 11 episode nine of The Walking Dead on Feb. 20 on AMC, with new episodes coming out until April. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the official date for when 11C of The Walking Dead is slated to drop as soon as we hear of any news on the matter.

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