Watch: First American Horror Stories Promo Teases New Terrors

American Horror Story

The straight-laced dementia of American Horror Story could well be returning to our screens later this year, along with the spinoff series American Horror Stories which we’ll definitely be getting sooner rather than later now that a short teaser has been released.

The project is a companion piece to the trashy genre mainstay, and unlike its parent show where each season plays out as a self-contained miniseries in different horror settings with many of the same cast, this one will be an anthology of sixteen hour-long episodes that each focus on a different piece of horror myth, legend or lore.

Sadly, the trailer doesn’t actually show any footage from the new show and instead is made up of flashes of action from AHS, but it certainly invokes a distinctive aesthetic that complements the poster that showrunner Ryan Murphy revealed back in November, and you can check it out for yourself down below.

No mention has been made of exactly what stories the series will focus on, but even disregarding the almost limitless assortment of scary folklore from around the world and only focusing on American tales, there are still plenty to choose from. A few that could easily be expanded into a short narrative are the Nain Rouge, a red dwarf who cursed Detroit over 300 years ago and is said to reappear before major disasters are to beset the city; Black Aggie, a grave-marking statue originally erected in Baltimore whose eyes glow red at night, blinding those who meet her gaze and crushing anyone foolish enough to sit in her lap; or the rougarou, a werewolf-like creature stalking the swamps of Louisiana who has a particular taste for lapsed Catholics.

We know precious little about exactly what we can expect from American Horror Stories, but if the imagery of the trailer in any way translates to the finished series, it’ll be something revoltingly compelling.