Watch: ‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’ drops promo for first episode

The Boys Diabolical

Things are about to get positively diabolical on The Boys animated spinoff, and Amazon has just released a promo clip for the first episode to remind fans that nothing will be off-limits for the series.

The third season of the eponymous superhero show is currently undergoing post-production, slated for a June 3 release on Amazon Prime Video. To help get you there, and possibly dive into storylines that the original series can’t afford to distract itself with, The Boys Presents: Diabolical will put a unique spin on the story of Billy Butcher, his gang of anti-super vigilantes, and the shenanigans of the Seven.

Amazon describes the spinoff series as eight “irrelevant and emotionally shocking” short films that take place in The Boys universe. We’ve learned from the first trailer that a ton of familiar faces will be making their animated debut in Diabolical, though they won’t be voiced by the actors from their live-action counterparts.

The official Twitter account for The Boys has just shared a promo clip for the first episode, “There Will Be Drugs,” that shows Billy Butcher hatching a sinister plan to bring down Vought. Check it out for yourself below.

It appears that Butcher’s new ingenious plan is to drug Vought’s superheroes into instability. Knowing him, something will definitely backfire and make things worse in “There Will Be Drugs.” Though, when you think about it, that premise can actually serve as the perfect cold open for the animated spinoff.

The Boys: Diabolical will release on Amazon’s streaming service on March 4.

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