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Watch: ‘The Boys’ season 3 trailer levels the f*cking playing field

The Boys are almost back in town, and they're not here to mess around.

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a full-length trailer to arrive for season 3 of The Boys, with the next run of episodes hitting Prime Video beginning June 3. Our prayers have finally been answered, with two and a half minutes of blood, guts, profanity, and everything in between now available for your perusal.

The promo is a lot more story-driven than the utterly insane teaser that dropped a while back, with Homelander becoming increasingly deranged as he tries to keep a lid on his sociopathic nature while he’s in the public eye, but it’s clear the gloves are well and truly off behind the scenes.

As for everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed Supe hunter? Billy Butcher has been living life on the straight and narrow, even convincing people that he might not be an asshole after all. Of course, that changes in an instant when he’s plunged back into the thick of the action, with the leader of the titular team even gaining powers of his own which he uses to, in his own inimitable way, “level the f*cking playing field”.

The Boys may technically be prestige drama after becoming the first recurring superhero show to land a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, but it’s clear that showrunner Eric Kripke, his cast, and the crew have lost none of their edge, whether we’re talking about graphic violence, biting black comedy, or social satire.

It’s comfortably the biggest and most popular original show Prime Video has at its disposal, and it’s exciting to know that The Boys are almost back in town.

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