‘The Boys’ season 3 trailer flagged for content 20 million times

Image via Amazon/YouTube

Amazon’s The Boys recently revealed the trailer for its third season set to start in June. It featured blood, guts, and gore, and the show has since revealed a ton of people did not like it a lot on Twitter — so much so, that it was flagged for content over 20 million times.

The account for the Karl Urban-helmed piece tweeted some stats around the trailer over the weekend. It was revealed that the two-minute-long clip led to 603 views of reports by the administrator of the show account, joked about show producer Seth Rogen watching it and fans cannot get enough of the series.

Several also expressed excitement at seeing Jensen Ackles in his Soldier Boy role after his years of playing the heroic Dean Winchester on Supernatural. Another wanted to see Antony Starr’s character get drunk and fight a waiter – in a nod to real trouble the actor recently got into while working in Spain – with another saying expectations were raised for the forthcoming season.

“I thought the teaser was going to be good but it was beyond good. So much content in it too.”

-Homelander’s Hot Bitch (@StephanieTe11) March 19, 2022

We’ll find out later this summer. In the immortal words of Urban’s Billy Butcher, may it and its college-set spinoff alongside more from The Boys Presents: Diabolical and the rumored fourth season be diabolical, but in a good way.

The Boys‘ third season debuts on Amazon Prime on June 3.