Karl Urban says ‘The Boys’ season 4 shoots before the end of 2022

The Boys Billy Butcher

The first teaser trailer for season 3 may have only dropped yesterday, and the smash hit superhero series doesn’t return to our screens until June, but Karl Urban is already teasing what comes next for The Boys.

Back in the summer of 2020, executive producer and showrunner Eric Kripke said that five years would be a nice even number to round out the escapades of Billy Butcher and his associates, but even if the main show does draw to a close, Prime Video has no intention of abandoning the universe entirely.

Animated anthology Diabolical drew strong reviews from critics, and the finale served as official canon, while the college-set spinoff remains in development despite recently losing both lead stars.

By the time the acclaimed effort returns, 21 months will have passed since the season 2 finale, but Urban has hinted that the cast and crew might not be wasting any time in getting the band back together, after revealing to Variety that he’s “shooting The Boys through the end of the year”.

Principal photography on season 3 began in February of last year and continued through to September, so it makes sense that The Boys would be looking to get started on the fourth batch of episodes as quickly as possible, given how the pandemic-induced hiatus massively affected the third.

Based on the footage, The Boys is set to live up to the promises made by the key creatives that it’ll be the wildest season yet, so we’re excited to see how on earth they can keep upping the ante.

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