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Watch: The Hargreeves family return in ‘Umbrella Academy’ season 3 trailer

One new timeline, seven new problems.

Season three of Netflix’s premier superhero series The Umbrella Academy will be blinking onto our queues in just over a month now, and the streaming giant has just dropped a brand-new trailer to keep the Hargreeves siblings fresh in our heads.

The last plight of Number Five and co. ended with the six siblings landing in an alternate timeline, which is fairly routine for them at this point. Things manage to take a turn for the weird, however, when they discover that their father is still alive in this timeline, and seven different superpowered children, dubbed the “Sparrow Academy,” have taken their place.

Among the Sparrows is Ben, the deceased sibling of the Umbrella Academy, whose appearance may be heart-wrenching for many; this isn’t the same, warm, friendly Ben we’ve come to know over the course of the first two seasons, but rather a stoic, militaristic version of the character that could throw even more complication into an already dizzying predicament.

With a whole host of parallel Hargreeves children in the picture, the return of Ben (but not the real Ben), and whatever other unknown threats lurk in the corners of this timeline, season three is set to create new boundaries and break them in the same breath.

The upcoming season is one of the most hotly anticipated properties for Netflix’s 2022 slate; the second season received a 91 percent approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and fans are crossing their fingers that season three’s critical heights will match its stakes.

Season three of Umbrella Academy will release exclusively on Netflix on June 22 later this year.

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