Watch: ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3 trailer revealed at D23


It feels like forever since The Mandalorian has been on our screens, with the last episode in the ongoing adventures of Din Djarin airing way back on December 18, 2020.

To be fair, the show went on its extended hiatus with a bang, throwing everything and the kitchen sink at a finale that brought back Luke Skywalker, saw our intrepid hero gain control of the Darksaber, and set up everything from The Book of Boba Fett to Ahsoka.

By the time season 3 lands, 14 months will have passed since the last chapter, which is pretty much an eternity in the world of episodic television. Thankfully, Lucasfilm have put our minds at ease by revealing some tantalizing new details at this weekend’s D23 Expo.

Regular director and executive producer Rick Famuyiwa revealed that “this has been a dream of mine since I watched the first Star Wars film”, and it sounds as though the filmmaker is still pinching himself at being such a huge part of the iconic saga. He was soon joined by star Pedro Pascal, who gushed that “to describe the journey of being part of The Mandalorian is impossible,” while the Armorer herself Emily Swallow added that she “gets asked how I convey authority without taking off my helmet, but I think I can do that because I never take off my helmet.”

The show’s big bad Giancarlo Esposito was also in attendance, with the Moff Gideon actor revealing that “It’s an honor and utmost pleasure to be working with visionaries. If you’re here, you love Star Wars. It is the hero’s journey that matters. It’s a wonderful place to be, in the childlike wonder of this franchise.”

Fans feared the worst when Mando and Grogu were separated, but the iconic duo are now back together and ready to take on the world following the events of The Book of Boba Fett. As arguably the flagship show for all of Disney Plus, not just the Star Wars universe, there’s a whole heap of pressure on The Mandalorian to keep delivering the goods, especially when it’s also regarded and widely lauded as the platform’s finest in-house original.