Watch: ‘Peacemaker’ episode 6 trailer reveals things are getting crazier


The fifth episode of HBO’s Peacemaker made its debut today, and if that cliffhanger of an ending left you hungry for more, don’t forget to catch the preview for next week’s episode, “Murn After Reading”.

The preview gives fans a glimpse into the fallout of Adebayo’s discovery that Murn is secretly a Butterfly. Additionally, we see Auggie Smith, also known as the white supremacist supervillain White Dragon and Peacemaker’s dad, resolving to kill his son as he returns to life outside of prison, making a rendezvous with one of his acolytes.

Meanwhile, Peacemaker and Vigilante learn more about the Butterfly they captured, and Detective Song pulls up on Peacemaker’s trailer with a posse ready to arrest him.

With the Butterflies ostensibly the big bad of the show, it remains unclear how prominent of a threat the White Dragon will be, though he’s sure to be upset after Task Force X framed him for the crimes of Peacemaker. It’s also possible he might align himself with the alien invaders, or even become one himself, as he sets out to get revenge on his son.

Written entirely and mostly directed by James Gunn, new episodes of Peacemaker debut every Thursday on HBO Max, and with only three episodes left this season, things are sure to build to a climax in the coming weeks.

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