Watch: The Reapers Attack In New Walking Dead Season 11 Teaser

The Walking Dead season 11 will be it for the long-running zombie drama, and sure enough, the season is adapting the final major storyline from the comics – the Commonwealth arc. But with season 11 clocking in at a super-sized 22 episodes, the TV show will be adding in a lot of fresh material of its own. Namely, the Reapers, a new group of villains original to the screen.

Though these hunters appeared in season 10C, we still don’t know much about them, and this new teaser trailer hints at how deadly they are. Titled “Threatened”, this latest promo for season 11 features more footage played at high-speed. While there are shots of Commonwealth soldiers on horseback, this teaser is most interesting for its glimpses at the Reapers. Who it seems have a calling card of hanging their victims upside down on trees.

We realized how dangerous the Reapers were when they attacked Maggie and Daryl in an episode of season 10C. Though the pair managed to survive, one Reaper told them “Pope marked you”. We don’t know who Pope is, but clearly the group is going to make good on this threat in season 11. As they’re tied into what Maggie’s been up to since she left Hilltop, we’ve no doubt got some integral backstory still to learn.

This promo also teases Rosita, Lydia and Carol being in danger – this looks to be from the subway sequence glimpsed in previous trailers – and features various bits of graffiti written on walls whose meaning is currently a mystery. The phrases showcased include “Silence the whispers”, “Truth lies”, “It comes for us all” and “If there is God, he will have to beg for my forgiveness”.

Just over a month to go now until The Walking Dead returns with its first batch of eight episodes of season 11, premiering Sunday, August 22nd on AMC.