Watch: The Walking Dead Final Season Trailer Teases The Beginning Of The End

The Walking Dead

After over a decade on the air, The Walking Dead is about to reach its end. Not the whole franchise, of course, as AMC isn’t about to let that well run dry anytime soon, but the series that started it all is calling it a day with a super-sized 24-episode eleventh and final season. Hype for the show’s return couldn’t be higher, then, and this first full trailer for the run promises that it’ll live up to all the anticipation. Check it out via the tweet below.

After those six pandemic-produced episodes we got earlier in 2021, this three-minute trailer promises a return to the full-scale storytelling we’re used to. In fact, the scale of the show has probably never been bigger. In season 11, the survivors are facing threat on two fronts. As introduced in season 10C, we have the original-to-TV Reapers, a group of mysterious hunters Maggie has encountered before.

Then, on the other end of the spectrum, is the Commonwealth, the biggest community so far seen in the TWD world. The promo even ends on a kitschy 80s-esque commercial advertising the community, portraying the place as a cozy safehaven amid the apocalypse. But we already know from how Eugene and company have been treated by them that there’s more to the Commonwealth than meets the eye.

This promo also teases a strong focus on Maggie and Negan’s complicated dynamic. One eye-opening scene sees the former Savior being the bigger person and remarking that they need to trust each other, handing Maggie a gun. Which may not be the best move for Negan as a later clip shows an angry Maggie pointing it right at him. Also, another shot features the unlikely sight of Maggie wearing a Whisperer mask!

Don’t miss The Walking Dead season 11 when it kicks off Sunday, August 22nd on AMC. AMC Plus subscribers can catch the first episode a week earlier on August 15th.