Watch: Thor Is Chosen In Hilarious New What If…? Finale Clip

The multiverse is in danger and only a select group of extraordinary people can save it. Last week’s penultimate episode of Marvel’s What If…? ended with the Watcher forced to intervene when an Infinity Stone-wielding Ultron made it his goal to conquer reality.

We’ve already seen him ally with Doctor Strange Supreme in episode 8’s cliffhanger, and other familiar faces from previous weeks will return in tomorrow’s finale⏤episode 7’s Party Thor, for example. Marvel has now shared how the Watcher comes to choose Thor to help him in a hilarious new clip, which you can see below.

As originally shared by IGN, the sneak peek picks up where we left Party Thor at the end of his first appearance: right after arranging to go on a date with Jane Foster to “the planet of the unicorns” where he then saw the arrival of Ultron and his drones on Earth.

In this clip, the Asgardian Avenger is making quick work of the drones while he complains about his date being interrupted. Meanwhile, the Watcher grandly proclaims that he has been chosen, only for Thor to ignore him, forcing the giant cosmic being to pick him up. Cue Chris Hemsworth unleashing the best scream we’ve ever heard in the MCU.

Outside of Strange and Thor, other returning characters we can look forward to seeing in the finale include Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter from episode 1 and Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger from episode 6. As revealed by the episode’s poster, it will also introduce a new variant to aid them against Ultron⏤a version of Gamora wearing her father Thanos’ armor.

But will the united Guardians of the Multiverse be enough to defeat an Ultron so powerful that he sliced Thanos in half? Find out when the What If…? season 1 finale debuts on Disney Plus October 6th.