Watch Thrilling First Trailer For Spinoff Supernatural: Bloodlines


The CW experienced a modest success last fall when it spun off flagship drama The Vampire Diaries into New Orleans-set The Originals, airing the pilot episode of that show as a mid-season episode of Vampire Diaries. The spinoff has since been renewed for a second season and is rapidly building a small fanbase of its own. So, it makes sense that the network wants to try its luck again with another spinoff – this time of its longest-running show, cult fave Supernatural

Supernatural: Bloodlines, formerly known as Supernatural: Tribes, will air a backdoor pilot next Tuesday as part of Supernatural‘s currently airing tenth season. After some casting announcements over the past few months, we’ve finally got our first look at the show, which you can check out below.

Though it’s certainly not an in-depth trailer, this rollicking teaser definitely captures the spirit of what The CW is going for with Bloodlines. There’s pulse-pounding action, vicious monsters waiting in the shadows, an intriguing hint at the series’ big bad, and (of course) a connection to Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural‘s protagonists.

The trailer shows us Lucien Laviscount in action as series lead Ennis Ross, a police academy trainee who is thrust into the terrifying supernatural underbelly of Chicago after his fiancee is killed in the crossfire during a battle between two groups of monsters.

“You’re saying that there are five monsters families that run Chicago?” Dean asks, incredulous. In all the show’s years, Supernatural has never explored any monster group so organized as a crime syndicate controlling the Windy City, so Ennis actually has a leg up on the Winchester brothers due to his run-ins with members of a mafiaesque monster family.

Of the show, exec-producer Jeremy Carver said:

“We’ve created a world that feels like the Supernatural world yet has so much more story to be told that doesn’t trample on the mother ship’s terrain. You’ve got two shows that are going to be able to exist in total harmony, I think.”

Supernatural: Bloodlines will arrive this fall, but tune in next Tuesday at 9 p.m. to get an introduction to the series’ universe.