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Watch: Tom Hiddleston Loses His Clothes In New Loki Promo

Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief strips nude and speaks with a cartoon clock in this gonzo new promo for Marvel's Loki.


In just a few short weeks, Marvel Studios premieres its latest TV series, Loki, which will bring back Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief. And just as WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier couldn’t be more different from each other, Loki promises to be something unique as well. In particular, this new promo teases a gonzo sense of humor mixed in with all the time travel intrigue.

The footage reveals Loki’s first few minutes at the Time Variance Authority’s HQ, following his arrest after escaping from the Battle of New York in an alternate timeline (see: Avengers: Endgame). Hiddleston fans, prepare yourselves – Loki is stripped nude and forced into an inmate’s uniform. The Asgardian trickster still doesn’t believe in the power of the TVA, though, until he sees another inmate atomized in front of his eyes.

What’s more, the promo introduces Miss Minutes – a talking cartoon clock face that appears to be the mascot of the TVA, whose sunny avatar greets new prisoners when they arrive, despite the ruthlessness of the organization, which only adds to the surreal feel of the place. Miss Minutes was previously revealed on a recent poster for the series (which you can see below), but this trailer properly introduces us to her.

Once again, the odd couple dynamic between Loki and Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) is teased as well. In this promo, Thor’s brother asks Mobius for a weapon, which he’s excited to receive – only for Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) to immediately snatch it away from him. It seems Mobius has more faith in Loki than anyone else. But Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) has a warning for him. “Trusting Loki is not a good idea,” she says.

Loki will arrive on Disney Plus with its first episode on June 9th.

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