New Loki Poster Teases Multiple Gods Of Mischief In The Disney Plus Show


Disney Plus is premiering the next no doubt smash hit TV series from Marvel Studios in less than a month, and this new poster teases that Loki is going to be worth the wait. We know by now to expect the Tom Hiddleston vehicle to be a mind-bending, high-concept show featuring the return of the Asgardian trickster, surrounded by a few fresh supporting characters who could end up as fan favorites, and this poster gives us another look at them, as well as featuring a couple of other details that may offer clues about what’s to come.

The one-sheet showcases the eponymous God of Mischief not once but twice, as the Loki Variant, in his Time Variance Authority jacket, takes center stage, but below him is the classic Loki in his full ceremonial garb. Around them are Owen Wilson’s Mobius, who’ll be handling the antihero as he’s pressed into service for the TVA, while two of Mobius’ colleagues are likewise featured – Judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Hunter B-15 (Wunni Mosaku).

Curiously, in place of another character, the poster also depicts a cartoon clock face. Its specific meaning in the show is unclear, but it does the job of promising that Loki will be a wacky time travel series with a healthy sense of humor. Many are expecting it to be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and that’s looking more accurate with each new piece of marketing.

Not to get too lost down the fan theory rabbit hole, but it might be telling that Loki appears twice on this poster. Could this be a sly hint that all those rumors are correct and we’ll be meeting multiple versions of the character – like Sophia Di Martino’s Lady Loki and Richard E. Grant’s Old Man Loki – in the show? Also note the hooded figure with the lantern just to the right of Mobius. Anyone know who that is?

Answers will come our way soon, as Loki debuts Wednesday, June 9th – earlier than the originally scheduled June 11th – on Disney Plus.