Watch: Trailer for new Disney Plus series ‘Parallels’ promises time travel chaos


Disney Plus is mixing adolescence and time travel, two Pandoras boxes full of excitement and disorder, in a new show called Parallels. The six-episode series will be available to stream on March 23, and it looks like a can’t-miss. 

The sci-fi adventure series is as much an ode to friendship as an exploration of time travel, and spotlights the parallels between the characters’ lives.

Bilal, Romane, and Victor are all thrust forward during a birthday party for Victor. Initially, only Victor returns — albeit looking very different; Samuel was unaffected by the strange event. As they wait for their lost friends to make their way home, they must try to uncover the reason for the time travel, and come to terms with life changes far outside the realm in which they existed.

The innocence of young love, friendship, and companionship will be tested as they’re forced to reevaluate themselves, and each other, after one unimaginable and life-altering moment. It’s clear that far more than their age was affected by the time travel, and it’s easy to wonder if things will ever be the same again.

A press release from Disney Plus shares the following inspiration behind Parallels from creator and co-producer Quoc Dang Tran.

“We wanted to tell a fantastic story about teenagers, at an age when you leave innocence and the bonds of friendship are unfailing. The special effects and the spectacular elements were less important to us than the emotions and the intimacy – we were perfectly heard by the Disney teams who accompanied us throughout the project with enthusiasm.”

VP of Programming, Production, and Acquisitions for The Walt Disney Company France shares that Parallels is one of a kind for several reasons.

“Parallels, a single penseful sci-fi adventure series with a touch of comedy, will be one of the first French productions to air on Disney+, in France and in all other Disney+ markets. The sci-fi genre is relatively uncommon in French series, so this new production will be an interesting addition to the shows that are currently available on the service.”

Highlighting a youthful and emotional story in France’s relatively-unmarketed sci-fi genre is as exciting as the series itself. You can see Parallels beginning March 23 on Disney Plus, and it’s an adventure you’ll want to share with your loved ones.