Watch: ‘Tulsa King’ trailer reveals Sylvester Stallone’s first-ever TV leading role


Sylvester Stallone has pretty much seen and done it all during his long and illustrious career, which includes starring in a number one box office hit in every decade since the 1970s. However, up until Paramount Plus series Tulsa King arrives on November 13, he’s never played a major role on the small screen.

The closest the Rocky and Rambo legend got to become a small screen regular came in Las Vegas, where he appeared in a mere two episodes as Frank the Repairman. It seems as though every major star is headed to television in the age of streaming, though, with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s latest episodic effort looking to seize a similar-sized audience.

tulsa king
via Paramount Plus

Stallone headlines as former New York mafio cap Dwight Manfredi, known by his rather ominous nickname of The General. After being released from a stint in prison, he’s sent to the titular city to build a brand new criminal empire in Oklahoma, which is poised to throw plenty of obstacles in his path.

Andrea Savage, Martin Starr, Max Casella), Domenick Lombardozzi, Vincent Piazza, Jay Will, A.C. Peterson and Garrett Hedlund co-star in Tulsa King, which is shaping up to be must-see viewing based almost entirely on the pairing of Stallone and Sheridan, with their clout alone guaranteed to generate plenty of interest.

Slow-burning crime dramas are everywhere on TV these days, but Tulsa King‘s A-list star and creator should ensure that it’s got every chance of becoming one of late 2022’s most talked-about shows, should it deliver what we’re expecting.

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