Watch: Two Beloved Marvel Characters Reunite In New Teaser For This Week’s What If…?

what if

A new clip from tomorrow’s episode of the animated Marvel What If…? series dropped online this morning and shows an only child version of Thor goofing around with a group of Skrulls before meeting Jane Foster for the first time.

Both Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are reprising their roles for this long-awaited reunion, which you can check out below. Thor is first seen chumming about with a group of Skrull who shape-shift their faces to look like him before he bumps into Foster.

In this version of the MCU, Thor is an only child (i.e. a Variant), so it should be interesting to see how the absence of Loki alters Thor’s personality when the new episode debuts tomorrow on Disney Plus.

Also set to reprise their MCU roles for the animated series in the upcoming episode are Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Seth Green as Howard the Duck, Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster, Taika Waititi as Korg, and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, making this episode all but a reunion for the casts of the three Thor films thus far.

The new episode of What If…? may also provide Marvel fans with hints at the upcoming fourth film in the franchise Thor: Love and Thunder, which Waititi will also be directing. Hemsworth, Portman, and Goldblum will all be returning for the film, and the Guardians of the Galaxy will also play a major role in the film.

Additionally, reports from earlier this year indicate Foster will take on the mantle of the goddess of thunder in the new film and become the new Asgardian deity herself. Fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out, with Thor: Love and Thunder set to debut next May.