Watch: ‘WandaVision’ VFX team reveal new scenes for the show’s anniversary


Like they do with an innumerable number of other films and TV shows in the industry, ILM handled the VFX work for Marvel Studios’ WandaVision. Now, to celebrate the first anniversary of the Disney+ series, the team has released two montages that highlight the process of bringing the surreal MCU story to life.

As you can see above, Industrial Light & Magic has utilized a slew of classic and modern tricks to give WandaVision an edge over your typical computer-generated imagery for television. It’s wild to think just how far the industry has come, especially when this level of attention to detail was simply impossible due to budget restraints a few years ago. One could go so far as to argue, in fact, that the 9-episode series is actually on par with many MCU films in terms of visual effects.

ILM also released an exclusive clip that goes in-depth into one of WandaVision‘s most emotional scenes in the final episode; a sequence that required a tremendous amount of VFX despite its intimate nature. See it for yourself below.

With the introduction of new technologies, specifically in real-time rendering, the landscape of VFX is changing at a rapid pace. While we’ve yet to see the utilization of these cutting-edge techniques, like using the Unreal Game Engine and LED displays to simulate virtual sets (e.g., The Mandalorian), become mainstream – the improvement is palpable. Not to mention that the cost-efficiency will also help series like WandaVision in the long run.

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