Watch: ‘Yakamoz S-245’ trailer reveals follow-up to ‘Into the Night’


After its announcement back in October 2020, the Tolga Karaçelik-directed Yakamoz S-245, previously known as Into the Deep, just had its first trailer drop, along with its fast-approaching release date.

The Turkish-language thriller series is a spinoff of Jason George’s 2020 sci-fi series Into the Night and is subsequently set in the same universe. In this world, a cosmic event has led to sunlight exposure being deadly to all living things, and whereas Into the Night takes place on an airplane attempting to outrun the rising of the sun, Yakamoz S-245 deals with the catastrophe from the safety of a submarine, which shares its name with the title.

Or rather, it would be “safety” if tensions between the submarine’s passengers, ranging from marine biologists to military personnel, didn’t escalate to something dangerous in light of a newfound conspiracy. Given the delicate nature of life in a submarine, supply shortages will likely also come into play, as they did aboard the plane.

The trailer is tantalizingly claustrophobic, wasting no time in showcasing its no-room-for-error stakes, eerily lit crawlspaces, and a dense air of distrust amongst its inhabitants that makes you wonder what will possibly transpire over the course of its seven episodes.

After a second season of Into the Night was released late last year, fans can now look forward to this subaquatic spinoff, which will hope to achieve the same critical success as its Belgian predecessor.

Yakamoz S-245 releases April 20 on Netflix.