WB Reveals Comic-Con Plans For The Arrowverse And Other DC Shows


In a matter of weeks, about 100,000 or so of the people fortunate enough to have procured passes to San Diego Comic-Con will be able to rub their unique experiences in our faces by saying they were in the room when certain movies were revealed, or when various new trailers were dropped.

When it comes to new footage being revealed, I’m personally looking forward to whatever promos heralding the next season of DC TV will be on hand. Of course, they’ll be online for the rest of us to see moments after being unveiled at the convention itself, so we can at least take comfort in knowing the Arrowverse fans among us have something to chew on – even if we weren’t able to make the trip.

To avoid confusion, we’re going to lay out WB’s DC TV plans chronologically, so be sure to follow along.

On Thursday night, the first two episodes of Freedom Fighters: The Ray will be screened, both of which will no doubt be cut together as part of the seamless viewing experience that’ll arrive in the form of a feature-length animated movie on Blu-ray in August. In addition to that, other animated favorites such as Young Justice: Outsiders and DC Super Hero Girls will see their panels being held on Friday.

Right now, it’s looking like Saturday will be the day serving up what many of us are anticipating most, as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Krypton will all have a presence. Not only do we expect for the producers to tease the upcoming season by spilling a slight amount of beans, but it’s pretty much a lock that new trailers for most of the shows mentioned – if not all – will be in tow.

And though they may not be DC-related, some of you are likely wondering what’s up with Supernatural and Riverdale. Well, as it turns out, their presentations will arrive on Sunday. Conspicuous by their absence will be Gotham and iZombie, but seeing as how neither will premiere until 2019, it’s very possible they’re holding out until New York Comic Con this October.

The Arrowverse makes its return to The CW this fall with The Flash leading the way on Tuesday, October 9.

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