We now know how long ‘Moon Knight’ episodes will run for

moon knight

Marvel’s Moon Knight series is almost here and fans now know just how much content they should expect to indulge in each week thanks to episode runtimes shared online.

According to The Direct’s Julia Delbel, Moon Knight’s first fall episodes will all be longer than 40 minutes. On Twitter, Delbel detailed the length of the series premiere as 45 minutes followed by two longer episodes running for 50, and finally, the fourth episode which runs for 51 minutes. These runtimes include the reportedly five-minute-long credit sequences.

Moon Knight is set to be six episodes long, so fans can expect two more, likely longer episodes to round out the Disney Plus series.

Other episode details aren’t so clear. Right now, the titles nor synopses of each issue are yet to be released, but considering the show premieres in less than a fortnight, the wait for more info won’t be too long.

Moon Knight‘s runtime seems to follow a similar formula Marvel used with previous shows like Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye, and can help give fans an idea of what type of show it will be. This wasn’t the case for WandaVision, however, which stuck with a shorter time to suit its sitcom style.

Early critic reviews for Moon Knight began to surface online which were mostly positive praising the execution of Horror and Comedy elements, with a great performance by Oscar Issac. By all accounts, fans are in for a treat when the series finally launches on Disney Plus on March 31.