‘WeCrashed’ star didn’t meet Jared Leto out of character until 2 months after filming ended

Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway in 'WeCrashed'
Image courtesy of Apple

Morbius’s Jared Leto has been trying to Daniel-Day Lewis’ homemade shoes as the quirky method actor of the moment since the latter retired, and one of his WeCrashed peers says their relationship took a unique path to roots in reality.

While speaking to Variety, miniseries performer Kyle Marvin explained Leto was conducting himself as WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann from the time the pair met. Marvin said the dramatic look at the fall of the startup was shot almost in sequence, and so, their relationship evolved as their characters did.

“The journey was two men meeting each other for the very first time, growing a thing together, the thing getting out of their control, and then this moment of semi-reconciliation. The reality is that was my experience with Jared. We didn’t know each other at all. I never talked to him before it started.”

Marvin then explained the finale of the project, which airs today on Apple TV Plus, resulted in the pair curtly going their separate ways after the director yelled cut. As well, while their characters were in a tough time, they eventually came back together as their true selves a little while after production finished.

“It felt like us saying goodbye to each other. It’s just the most simple thing. ‘Goodbye, for now.’ It’s a very powerful thing when you’re acting, because you have these planned moments that become unplanned moments of emotion. We met each other as Miguel and Adam. When the scene was done, he walked back in, we just looked at each other. He didn’t even say anything. We just looked at each other. Then he nodded, and then he walked away. I didn’t talk to him until two months later.”

Definitely method. Though, with WeCrashed, it did result in better reviews than Morbius. The series with Leto has a 70 percent positive rating as opposed to 16 percent for the vampire on Rotten Tomatoes.