The Walking Dead Fans Spot Strange Goof In Classic Episode


While we’re waiting for the much-anticipated season 10 finale to arrive, what better way is there to spend our time than analyzing classic Walking Dead episodes for plot holes and errors we’ve never noticed before? As already pointed out, one episode of season 3 actually features a bizarre freak weather condition that most haven’t picked up on. Sticking with that same season, which is one of the show’s best, let’s now uncover another goof involving a weird geographical anomaly.

Season 3, episode 12, “Clear,” sees Rick leading an expedition to get the prison community more weapons, after he realizes they’re hopelessly outgunned by the evil Governor. It’s an important one as it cements Rick’s trust in Michonne, who debuted during the season, which obviously leads to one of the series’ strongest relationships down the line. But let’s, for now, focus in on a moment around 41 minutes in, where the Earth itself seems to rearrange.

As you can see in the image below, Rick, Carl and Michonne have to avoid a collision of crashed vehicles in the middle of the road, including an upturned RV and a red vehicle with luggage on top. In the first shot, Rick’s car is on one side of the road. But in the next, which reveals the still-living walker in the driver’s seat of the red vehicle, it’s now on the opposite side and driving in the other direction.

That’s a mighty big continuity glitch there. It likely managed to slip past the production team due to their eyelines being drawn to the sight of the gore-covered zombie in the foreground. Thankfully, it’s likely most viewers will never notice the error for the very same reason. Once you do realize it, though, it’s pretty distracting.

The Walking Dead is currently on hold until the season 10 finale can be completed, which will hopefully be sometime soon. Season 11 will likely be hit by a sizeable delay, too.