Westworld Cast And Crew Tease A “Much More Expansive” Season 2


When Westworld finally returns to our screens next month, the second season of the HBO sci-fi/western series has a lot of work to do if it’s going to live up to the acclaimed debut run. By the sounds of it, though, the thinking behind the scenes was that bigger equals better as we’re being told that season 2 will operate on a much broader canvas than season 1.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Westworld‘s cast and crew have teased what’s to come in the upcoming sophomore season. First off, Jeffrey Wright – who plays Bernard, a host based on the late Westworld co-founder Arnold – was on hand to promise a much more “expansive” scope this season. In fact, he even went as far as to say its ambition is “nuts.”

“The scale of season 2 is just nuts, literally right out of the gate. It’s so much more expansive, it makes the first season look like a gentile kitchen drama.”

Westworld Season 2 Photos

Meanwhile, co-showrunner Lisa Joy had some intriguing comments to make about the host’s hostile takeover of the park, as seen in the season 1 finale. Sure, the hosts have gained their freedom, but it sounds like trouble will rise up when some of them become a little too human…

“The leashes are off. The hosts are now literally able to define themselves. But the question is: How far are you willing to go until you become a reflection of the evil you’re trying to fight?”

Finally, co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan offered that Westworld will be really “rocketing ahead” in season 2, which means that viewers will get to see more of the parks that Delos runs other than Westworld – like Samurai World, glimpsed in season 1’s finale.

“We want to feel like the show is rocketing ahead. The first season was a journey inward, this is a journey outward. It’s a search for what else is in the park, and what else is beyond the park.”

Westworld season 2’s premiere, titled “Journey into Night,” airs April 22nd on HBO.