‘Westworld’ co-creator shares more about the new park setting

Image via HBO

Warning: The article contains spoilers for Westworld Season 4, Episode 2.

Westworld started off with a focus on its titular park but as the show progressed, things have strayed far away from this facility. This being the case, fans got what they’ve all been waiting for in season four, episode two as things went back to where they all began — with a twist.

In the latest episode, Westworld is back open, however, the wild west has been scrapped in favor of the roaring ‘20s. Speaking to Metacritic, co-creator Lisa Joy elaborated on the decision to take things into this new park.

“The park has always drawn its guests with the promise of sin and decadence and a boundary-pushing environment, and in the Wild West, of course, there were no rules — everybody was making rules on their own as they chased their manifest destiny.

“Similarly, the Roaring ’20s were a pretty crazy time: There was a lot of sin, there was a lot of decadence, sexuality, a lot of experimentation, and it felt like the kind of environment that would be really beguiling for guests in its hedonism and also really telling about who the guests are when presented with such a cornucopia of options for behavior.”

While the park might be in a different era, things still look very familiar to the original Westworld park. For Maeve this new venture into the park may be a return home, but for Caleb it will be the very first time entering one of the park facilities

Fans will likely get a lot more information about this new park and its secrets as we progress four in season four of Westworld.

New episodes of Westworld air on HBO each Sunday. If you’re looking to catch up you can stream all of the first three seasons and episodes 1 & 2 of season four on HBO Max.