The Shogun World Features In Cryptic New Trailer For Westworld Season 2


It’s official: the robots have inherited the Earth. Or, more specifically, Westworld, the futuristic utopia that has since fallen into the cold, mechanized hands of Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) and her army of vengeful hosts.

Their mission? To overthrow Delos and punish their former captors, who controlled Westworld without showing so much as a shred of humanity to the park’s hosts. Now, they’re prepared to stage a revolution, and HBO’s latest (and potentially greatest?) trailer for Westworld season 2 features old friends and new frontiers.

Picking up immediately after the death of Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), Westworld season 2 thrusts viewers into a whole new narrative where the robots have risen up to defy their human creators. There’s also an early peek at the uncharted Shogun World, which is said to be one of five new parks simmering in the depths of DELOS.

Moreover, it looks certain that the returning Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) will have something to do with the samurai-themed park, after it was originally teased during the super-sized finale of Westworld season 1.

The trailer itself is also a callback to Bernard’s first conversation with Dolores about the nature of Westworld and her own individual character loop, though Evan Rachel Wood’s protagonist has come a long way since her days tending to the family farm. Also, that shot of DELOS agents arriving by boat will surely fuel rumors that Westworld exists on its own island.

Freeze all motor functions, for Westworld season 2 is now barrelling down on its April 22nd launch date. It’s seemingly “much more expansive” than the first, so perhaps Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy really intend to take viewers beyond their Western-themed simulation, after all? More on HBO’s flagship when we have it.