Westworld Supercut Rounds Up Every Last Question Raised During The Show’s First Season


If you, like us, kept up with HBO’s Westworld series as it unfolded, chances are you were left mulling over an array of questions week in, week out. Turns out we weren’t the only ones, as Burger Joint has put together a rather brilliant supercut that rounds up every last question raised during the show’s inaugural season. It almost goes without saying, but the highlight reel above is riddled with spoilers and yes, many, many questions were asked across Westworld‘s ten-episode run by host and human alike.

Of course, many of those questions were answered by the time December’s record-breaking finale hit the airwaves, but series co-creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan consciously left a handful of crucial story strands lingering in anticipation of season 2. They have a few surprises stowed away, it seems, and given how Westworld was able to keep viewers on their toes all throughout its opening season – the dual characters, the shocking twists – it’s little wonder why Joy and Nolan require a little more time to adequately flesh out the next major story arc. In short, don’t expect HBO’s Western series to return until 2018, which ought to lend Game of Thrones free rein over the network’s mid-summer window.

Westworld is expected to be back for a second season on HBO at some point in 2018, and despite that exciting tease in the finale, it seems like Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s engrossing drama will not transition to an entirely new park in time for its sophomore run.