Westworld Website Teases Host Takeover In Season 2


The first season of Westworld ended with one heck of a finale. Alongside the death of Anthony Hopkins’ character, the Hosts rose up against the workers and guests of the park – led by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). For season 2, then, fans expect to see a massive conflict break out between the Hosts and their human oppressors. And though the series isn’t returning until next year, a tie-in website has now offered up a hint at what we can expect.

DiscoverWestworld.com, which is presented as if it’s the real website for the park, has been replaced with a chilling GIF. As you can see below, it seems to show a park employee trying to contact the outside world…before the system takes back control and replaces the message.

New on the website! from westworld

From this fun tease we can have a guess at what the new status quo for Westworld season 2 will be. By the way the distress call message was removed, it looks like the Hosts will have complete control of the park. Furthermore, communications with the outside world have been shut down, with the Hosts making sure that things appear as if nothing’s out of the ordinary.

If we’re correct in our assumption, this sounds like a brilliant revamp of the show. For one, it will bring it much closer to the plot of the original 1973 movie from Jurassic Park writer Michael Crichton, which saw the robot inhabitants of the park run amok. Assuming that Dolores remains the leader of the Host insurrection, it’ll also be fascinating to see her in such a different role.

Tell us, what are you hoping to see in Westworld season 2? Let us know in the comments section!