10 Awesome Moments From The Westworld Season 1 Finale


The first season of HBO’s smash hit Westworld has now come to an end with the feature-length finale, titled “The Bicameral Mind.” As was promised by showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, it answered pretty much all of the questions that have been plaguing us over the past ten weeks – from the identity of the Man in Black to the truth about the maze – as well as opening up some new ones that will bug us until it returns to our screens in 2018.

The result was probably the show’s most exciting episode so far, and one that leaves the future of this brilliant series wide open. But before we get to predicting where Westworld may go from here, let’s take a moment to reflect back on “The Bicameral Mind” and re-visit all of the important/incredible moments that it gave us.

It goes without saying, but spoilers will follow….