8 Questions We Want Answered In The Westworld Season 1 Finale


Somehow HBO’s Westworld has managed to live up to all the initial lofty hype – it was touted as being “the next Game of Thrones” – and delivered a tightly-plotted rollercoaster of a first season, filled with terrific acting, great writing and shocks galore.

One of the main draws of the show has been the various building mysteries surrounding the early days of the park and its hosts. The questions over the Man in Black’s true identity and which characters are really hosts have kept many Westworld fans up at night over these past few weeks.


Thankfully, some major revelations were dropped regarding a few of these mysteries in the past couple of episodes. Namely, we learnt Ford’s loyal right-hand man Bernard is actually a host replicant of Ford’s old partner, Arnold. Arnold died many years ago, it turns out, due to Dolores undergoing a malfunction and killing him.

Still, many questions remain unanswered. Thankfully, co-showrunner Lisa Joy has promised that the super-sized 90 minute long season finale will answer all our questions except one: “what happens next?” Here, then, are the 8 big mysteries we want cleared up before Westworld takes a break.