What is ‘Moon Knight’ rated?

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight
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We are mere days away from Moon Knight’s debut on Disney Plus and the fandom behind the new series is positively delighted.

Moon Knight’s arrival on Disney Plus comes with a few caveats, however, given its departure from the typically tame, child-friendly content shared on the notoriously family-oriented service. The series tackles multiple mature topics, including mental health, and thus sports a higher rating than most of Disney’s fare. Here’s the official rating of Oscar Isaac’s upcoming series and the reasoning behind it.

Moon Knight’s rating

Image via Marvel Entertainment

Moon Knight will debut on Disney Plus with a TV-14 rating, the same rating shared by several other Marvel series including WandaVision and Loki. In the U.S., this means that the show is approved for all audiences over 14 years old, with a content warning for any viewers under this age. U.K. viewers got an even harsher rating, with the platform slapping a 16+ advisory on the series.

Why is it rated TV-14?

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The newest addition to Marvel’s lineup is headed to audiences with just shy of a “mature” rating for a reason. The series promises plenty of violence in its trailers and heavily deals with mental health during its runtime. Moon Knight protagonist Marc Spector is “brutal,” according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, in his pursuit of vigilante justice.

Storylines touching on the character’s Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) will also likely be more suitable for mature viewers, if trailers are any indication. Hints from cast and crew members, in conjunction with trailers and Marvel’s slew of published Moon Knight comics, indicate that the series will be an entirely new direction for Marvel. The TV-14 rating is no doubt attached in order to deter viewers who are too young to appreciate everything the series has to offer.

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