What Is The Cache On TikTok?


TikTok is an app that has garnered millions of users and just as much content for them to sift through on a regular basis. With so much to check out by every kind of audience imaginable, users have been wondering exactly how many TikToks videos they’ve sifted during their time on the app.

With the increasing interest in this number percolating online, the community believed that they’d found their answer within the privacy and settings tab of their accounts. The number they thought represented their viewed TikToks was in fact the size of the app’s cache.

In this settings tab, the number was next to an M, which on Android devices was actually MB for megabytes. For Apple users, however, this caused some confusion, since fans thought it meant millions of clips had been viewed. Now that it’s common knowledge that this number is a unit of size and not the number of clips viewed, you may be wondering what a cache even is.

What is the cache on TikTok?

TikTok Time

The cache on TikTok functions like it would for any other app: it saves data that will increase load speeds when using the app.

This process is used to speed up things like search, but it isn’t necessary to have data in your cache. In fact, if you’re struggling with limited storage on your device, then you may want to clear this. Clearing the cache on TikTok is extremely simple and can be done within the privacy and settings menu.

Sadly, this won’t answer the question of how many TikToks you’ve watched, but it will help you educate others who are misled about what the cache represents.