What Is The Cast Of Teen Wolf Up to Now?

The cast of the ‘Teen Wolf’ series

With the recent news that a Teen Wolf revival is in the works in the form of a Paramount+ movie, the show has seen a resurgence in its popularity. This has resulted in the actors who starred in the hit show to resurface as well, some of whom we haven’t heard from in a while.

Did they stop acting? Did they move onto something else? Did they just want out of the spotlight? What has the cast of Teen Wolf been up to since the show ended? Let’s break it down one by one.

Arden Cho

Arden Cho played newcomer Kira Yukimura from Seasons 3 to 5. Afterwards, her character went away to hone her newfound skills as a Kitsune, but what about Cho herself? After Teen Wolf, she went on to star in such films as Stuck and The Honor List. She also had recurring roles on shows like Chicago Med and Miss 2059.

She’s continued acting even after leaving Teen Wolf, which is good to hear considering that we didn’t get to see Kira in the final season at all. While it hasn’t been confirmed that Arden Cho will be a part of the movie, fans are hopeful that we’ll finally see all of Kira’s training pay off!

Cody Christian

Cody Christian, the actor behind villain-turned-hero Theo Raeken, has continued with his success in teen television since the end of Teen Wolf. He is now on the CW’s popular show All American as Asher Adams, a football player in Beverly Hills. He’s also had roles in movies such as Assassination Nation and a voiceover role in the Final Fantasy VII Remake as Cloud Strife.

Christian has confirmed his return for the Teen Wolf movie, which will thrill fans since he grew to become a fan-favorite. It’ll be interesting to see what Theo has been up to since the series finale.

Colton Haynes

The original lacrosse captain before Scott came along was Jackson, played by Colton Haynes. Since Teen Wolf, the actor had a stint on Arrow as Roy Harper AKA Arsenal. He was also in American Horror Story: Cult in the show’s seventh season and played a detective looking into the cult’s activities. He and Holland Roden (Lydia Martin) are best friends in real life and have maintained a friendship since the end of the show as well.

Haynes also came back for Teen Wolf‘s series finale back in 2017 after leaving the show in Season 2. Haynes is another cast member who has confirmed his return for the movie, and fans are excited for his character’s return with boyfriend Ethan (Charlie Carver).

Shelley Hennig

Another fan-favorite character was Shelley Hennig’s Malia Tate. She was introduced in Season 3 during Stiles’ possession by the nogitsune. Hennig has been up to a lot in her career since the end of Teen Wolf, including roles in movies such as When We First Met, The After Party, and False Profits. Hennig has also had a stint in television shows including Dollface, Liberty Crossing, and Mythic Quest.

Hennig has confirmed that she’ll be a part of the movie adaptation as well, so everyone can rest easy knowing that their favorite new human will be a part of the big screen reunion.

Tyler Hoechlin

Perhaps one of the most recognizable faces from Teen Wolf is that of Tyler Hoechlin, AKA Derek Hale. He’s been quite busy since the end of the series with movies like Can You Keep A Secret? to shows like Another Life. What he’s most well-known for now, even more than Teen Wolf, is his role as Clark Kent/Superman in the CW’s Arrowverse. Back in 2016, Hoechlin was cast on Supergirl as her cousin and now has his own show titled Superman and Lois.

Hoechlin has not announced if he’ll be returning for the Teen Wolf movie. He returned for the series finale after a hiatus from the show, so fans are hoping that he’ll return one last time so we get a final goodbye, and hopefully a happy ending, to our favorite sour wolf.

Crystal Reed

One of the original members of the core cast was Crystal Reed, who played Alison Argent, Scott’s first love. After being killed off in season three, Reed left the show in hopes of playing roles closer to her age, as she was the oldest actor playing a teen on the show. Since Teen Wolf, she had a recurring role in Fox’s Gotham as Sofia Falcone and also starred in the CW’s attempted adaptation of DC’s Swamp Thing in 2020.

In 2016, Reed returned to Teen Wolf to play one of Alison’s ancestors, but since then she hasn’t spoken much about the show. While we don’t know if she’s returning for the movie, we do know that she posted how ecstatic she was about the news!

Daniel Sharman

Fan-favorite Isaac Lahey was played by Daniel Sharman, who abruptly left the show in 2014 just one year after Reed. Fans were upset and surprised when he left, but since Teen Wolf, Sharman has had some pretty great roles. After leaving, he landed a role on The Originals for twelve episodes. He then went on to a sixteen-episode stint on Fear the Walking Dead and then had a role in Medici. Most recently, he was in Netflix’s Cursed as The Weeping Monk.

Unfortunately, Sharman also hasn’t confirmed or denied his involvement in the Teen Wolf movie. Fans are hopeful but also weary of his return because he wasn’t present in the series finale or Zoom reunion. Only time will tell if we will see Isaac Lahey on the big screen.

Holland Roden

Everyone’s favorite strawberry blonde, Lydia Martin, was played by actress Holland Roden. Most remember her for breaking the “it” girl stereotypes by being smart and flawless, something that Stiles noticed before anyone else, thus leading to the fan-favorite ship Stydia (Stiles and Lydia). Roden has been in a few things since Teen Wolf ended such as Escape Room, its sequel Lore, and most recently, Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman.

Luckily for fans and Stydia shippers alike, Holland has confirmed that she will be back for the movie. After all, along with Tyler Posey, she saw the show through to the very end.

Dylan O’Brien

Everyone’s celebrity crush, Dylan O’Brien got his start on MTV with Teen Wolf. What has he been up to since? Just about everything. It’s safe to say that O’Brien is the most recognizable from the cast as he went on to star in the Maze Runner series as well as the recent hit Love and Monsters. Teen Wolf made him a teen heartthrob and he’s remained in that light even now.

As for the Teen Wolf movie, O’Brien hasn’t personally confirmed his return; however, based on his character’s jeep being the main promo image for the film, as well as Linden Ashby’s (Sheriff Stilinski) confirmation, it seems almost certain that he’ll be back.

Tyler Posey

Finally, we have the real reason we’re all here. Tyler Posey was the actor who brought Scott McCall, our teen werewolf and true Alpha, to life every single episode of every single season. He was there from the beginning and has remained in the fight for a reunion leading all the way up to the announcement. Since Teen Wolf ended, Posey has been wanting the show to come back and has spent his down time starring in movies such as Truth or Dare and focusing on his music career. He even started an OnlyFans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Posey has been exploring all aspects of his life and career and now he’s coming back to where it all began: Teen Wolf. He was the first to confirm his return for the movie and no one was surprised since he’s always remained loyal to the show and its fandom. We can’t wait to see him and all of our other favorites return for what is sure to be the biggest and most exciting addition to the Teen Wolf franchise yet.