Teen Wolf Movie Coming To Paramount Plus In 2022

Photo via MTV

This past week has been an emotional rollercoaster for Teen Wolf fans as the cast and creatives have posted throwback photos, memories, and melancholic captions about their time with the popular MTV original scripted series. Jeff Davis though, being the creator, had the biggest impact on fans of the show as we all scrambled for any kind of clues for a possible reboot or reunion. In today’s post, he even began it with, “All good things come to an end…?”

This left old and new fans alike wondering what it meant. Did he have plans for a future season? Was there going to be another reunion of the cast, but in person this time? Questions were everywhere, but none were answered until Scott McCall himself, Tyler Posey, ‘howled’ on Twitter.

Of course, the fans went up in arms, because if anyone knew anything about a reboot, it was Tyler, who has been vocal about his support since the end of the original series. Patiently we waited, assuming it to be something small-scale if anything.

Instead, though, Teen Wolf fans were given the best gift a fandom could ask for: A movie! The official Teen Wolf account quoted Tyler’s tweet with a video saying, “We’ve heard your howls.”

It’s officially official! Teen Wolf is back in 2022 with a movie, and by the looks of Stiles’ iconic blue jeep, it seems we’re in for much of the original cast to return, including fan-favorite Dylan O’Brien.

What are your reactions, Teen Wolf fans? I could barely sit still while writing, so let’s discuss!