What is the monster at the end of ‘Moon Knight’ episode 1?

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 1 of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is only one episode in, but its already proving one of the most intriguing series under Marvel’s belt. In fact, the ending of the series premiere has fans asking questions in a way they haven’t since the first mysterious episodes of Wandavision.

Although Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is being rather obviously put forth as an antagonist in the series, he’s still surrounded by mystery, including the apparent cult of worshippers who surround him. How far does his influence run? And what powers does his apparent worship of the ancient Egyptian deity, Ammit, grant him?

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

At the end of the first episode, Steven Grant, the rather ineffectual alters of both mercenary Marc Spector as well as Moon Knight himself, faces imminent destruction at the hands of what appears to be a combination of man, mummy, and canine wrapped up into a terrifying and super-powered package.

Steven finally cedes control of his body and consciousness to Marc Spector, who confronts him via a series of mirrors in the bathroom Steven has barricaded himself into. The audience finally gets their first glimpse of Moon Knight in action as he handily polishes off his attacker.

But just what exactly was his attacker?

The ending scene, which shows the hero viciously pummeling the creature in question, was included in the first trailer for the series and immediately ignited speculation as to what Moon Knight was beating up so enthusiastically. Some fans believed it might actually be a werewolf — perhaps even Jack Russell, the titular subject of Werewolf by Night, the series Moon Knight made his first appearance back in 1975.

Later trailers didn’t seem to support this and the first episode fully confirmed that the monster is some sort of servant of Harrow, and perhaps of the demoness Ammit. The monster appears to have the head of the jackal, an animal with deep ties to Egyptian lore. The creature is largely associated with Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god who performs the ritual of judgment that Harrow performs earlier in the episode.

Moon Knight had faced similar creatures before in his self-titled comic book, particularly in 2016 when he fought jackal-headed men who were servants of Anubis himself.

Although Anubis doesn’t appear to be the power behind Ammit, he is associated with the deity. Those who fail the ritual of judgment Anubis performs have their hearts thrown to Ammit to be devoured. In the latest run of Moon Knight’s comic, Moon Knight: Welcome to New Egypt, Ammit inhabits an earthly avatar, Dr. Emmet, a psychiatrist that attempts to convince Marc Spector he is simply an ordinary man suffering from years of delusions. Emmet’s ward attendants are revealed to be jackal-headed men.

Whether the Jackal Man (were-jackal?) is a servant of Harrow’s or something that directly serves Ammit is something that may be answered in future episodes. If the trailers are any indication, Moon Knight will face another or the same creature at last once more in the series.

The second episode of Moon Knight will be available for streaming on April 6.

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