When Does Castlevania Season 5 Come Out?


As soon as Trevor, Sypha, and Alucards’ stories concluded in season four of Netflix’s dark-fantasy hit Castlevania, fans wondered where the series would go next. There was no question after the success of the video game adaptation that the team at Frederator Studios would continue working with the franchise. But with decades of games to pull from, Castlevania’s next step was anyone’s guess.

So, when can fans expect Castlevania’s Season 5 to drop? The answer is a little complicated. Read on for everything we know about the anime’s next major storyline.

Is Castlevania’s next season a spin-off?

At Netflix’s 2021 Geeked Week, Castlevania fans got their first hint of what to expect. A new spin-off series is on the way with Richter Belmont and Maria Renard, taking place in France during the late 18th century revolution, a Netflix Geeked tweet announced.

The series is in production at the moment.

Richter Belmont first appeared in 1993 as the protagonist of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Netflix also confirmed the spin-off series—and it is a whole new series—will be set in 1792, the same year as the game that originally released on the Super CD-ROM² System.

So while the original Castlevania series’ story may come to a close, Netflix clearly has big plans for the franchise’s most beloved characters in the near future.

Netflix did not provide a date or any look at art or animation, so the earliest we should expect to see the new series on the streaming platform is 2022.