Where is ‘Stranger Things’ filmed?

Stranger Things might be set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana — but the Netflix phenomenon certainly doesn’t film in The Hoosier State. Even with the show’s attention to detail, mentioning of famous landmarks, and all the Midwestern charm a fan could ask for; the showrunners knew filming in Indiana would bring a slew of unique disadvantages. 

Opting to head a little farther south, the production of Stranger Things is filmed mostly in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Mainly because Atlanta provides some of the best tax incentives to production crews in the United States, saving money and cutting overhead costs. Couple that with Atlanta’s temperate climate, varied geography, and unique cities — filmmakers can shoot there all year long without worry of being shut down. 

Here’s a great video essay detailing “How Georgia became the new Hollywood.” Productions big and small can make Georgia look like just about anywhere. Locations can be transformed into New York City, London, or Tokyo. Others can become fantasy realms, distant planets, and countless sci-fi vistas. So bringing a little bit of Indiana to Georgia was a piece of cake. 

That doesn’t mean the nostalgia can’t be found down south, with fans of the show creating roadmaps to some of the most recognizable locations in Stranger Things

With Netflix set to release Season 4 of the show later this year, the two-part event will debut its first volume on May 27 followed by the second installment on July 1; and fans can’t wait, proving once and for all, things are only going to get stranger from here on out.

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