Where is the cast of ‘Criminal Minds’ now?

Image via CBS

It’s been two years since the popular CBS crime drama Criminal Minds ended its 15-season run on Feb. 19, 2020. Most of the cast that made up the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) were fan favorites and kept the show alive by even appearing on its several spinoffs like Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Thanks to their stellar performances, Criminal Minds became one of the longest-running prime-time dramas; following in the footsteps of other seemingly endless shows like Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS

Criminal Minds has been so successful that a revival is even reportedly in the works at Paramount+. Although the streaming service has yet to make an announcement regarding the series’ potential release date, fans have been excited to hear that their favorite Special Agents may once again return to the small screen.

It’s still unclear whether or not the entire main cast will return, given that it’s been two years and some have moved on to other projects. Others have been relatively low-key since the series ended, possibly enjoying a much-needed break after catching criminals on TV for so long. So what has the cast of Criminal Minds been doing lately?

Mandy Patinkin

Well known for his role as Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, Patinkin led the first few seasons of Criminal Minds as the BAU chief, Jason Gideon. Outside of Criminal Minds, Patinkin is also known for his roles in Chicago Hope, Dead Like Me, and the film, Dick Tracy.

Patinkin left Criminal Minds after the third season and adopted a new TV family as Saul Berenson on the Showtime original, Homeland. He starred opposite Claire Danes for the entire eight seasons. In 2021, he played Hal Wackner on the Paramount+ original, The Good Fight, and is currently in pre-production to play the character of Rufus in the upcoming series Career Opportunities in Murder and Mayhem

Thomas Gibson

Before he took over Patinkin’s role at the BAU as the new chief, Aaron Hotchner, Thomas Gibson was also well-known for his previous roles in Chicago Hope and Dharma & Greg. He’s even directed a few episodes of both Dharma & Greg and Criminal Minds. As Hotchner, Gibson stayed on the show for 13 seasons before an altercation with a writer led to his dismissal from the series. 

Since the incident, Gibson seems to have slowed down from acting. Outside of a few credits for films such as Axis and Shadow Wolves, Gibson has been keeping a low profile.

Shemar Moore

Known for his many long-standing small-screen roles, Shemar Moore played Derek Morgan for the first 11 seasons of Criminal Minds. Moore’s fame and TV appeal eventually led him to gain other projects and consequently play smaller roles during the show’s 12th and 13th seasons. 

After his final two seasons as Derek Morgan, Moore went on to play Daniel Harrison on the CBS drama S.W.A.T., a role that he continues to play today. In addition, Moore has appeared in over 400 episodes of The Young and Restless as Malcolm Winters. He’s also lent his voice talents to several DC Comics animations, including his role as Cyborg in The Death and Return of Superman. Per IMDb, Moore is currently slated to appear in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Joe Mantegna

After Patinkin and Gibson left the BAU chief’s seat empty, Joe Mantegna stepped in to fill the void as the seasoned veteran David Rossi in season three, which he continued to play up until the series finale.

Before he was cast as Rossi, Joe Mantegna was already a well-known actor for his roles in major films such as The Godfather Part III and Searching for Bobby Fischer. It’s no secret Mantegna has developed a niche for crime-themed movies, television shows, and even animated characters—he even voices the mafioso, Fat Tony, on The Simpsons.

Outside of The Simpsons and Criminal Minds, Mantegna doesn’t have many acting credits after 2015. And since Criminal Minds, Mantegna has been relatively quiet on the acting scene. At the age of 74, the actor may just be taking a well-deserved break.

Aisha Tyler

Although she wasn’t on the series as long as Joe Mantegna or Shemar Moore, Aisha Tyler’s performance as Dr. Tara Lewis was so well received that she was made a main character in the eleventh season, which she continued to play until the series finale. Tyler also had recurring roles on CSI, 24, and Ghost Whisperer

Tyler had several memorable TV and film roles in the 90s, including Charlie Wheeler on Friends. However, her most iconic role is as the animated character Lana Kane on Archer; which just finished its 12th season on FXX.

Daniel Henney

Unlike his fellow co-stars, Daniel Henney was not as well-known before he was cast as Matt Simmons in season 10. However, after a few guest appearances sprinkled throughout the latter half of the series’ run, Henney finally got time to shine as part of the main cast for the final two seasons.

Henney does have a few major credits to his name outside of Criminal Minds, however. He’s appeared in the films X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Big Hero 6, in which he voiced the character of Tadashi. 

Henney now plays the role of Lan Mandragoran on the Amazon Prime hit series, Wheel of Time.

Adam Rodriquez 

Known for his role on CBS’ other crime procedural drama, CSI: Miami, Adam Rodriguez joined Criminal Minds as Luke Alvez in season 12. He soon became a fan favorite and continued to play the role all the way to the finale.

Before getting cast on the series, Rodriguez was also well known for his recurring roles on other television shows such as The Night Shift, Reckless, Empire, and Jane the Virgin. He also appeared in major films like Magic Mike and Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2

After his time as Alves, Rodriguez went on to play Raul Vega in the first and only season of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. According to IMDb, Rodriguez can currently be seen mentoring aspiring strippers on the HBO Max original reality series, Finding Magic Mike.

Paget Brewster 

Paget Brewster is one of the few cast members to leave and return to Criminal Minds on several occasions. She first appeared in the second season and stayed on as a main character up until the seventh. Over the next few seasons, she popped in as an occasional guest star before returning to the central cast for season 12. She remained a central character until the series finale.

Before her time on Criminal Minds, Brewster was reasonably well-known for her recurring role as Kathy on Friends. She also played Frankie Dart on NBC’s Community. Fans may recognize her voice work on several DC Comic animated films, where she has voiced characters such as Poison Ivy, Lois Lane, and Lana Lang. She’s also lent her voice talents to animated shows like American Dad, BoJack Horseman, and Disney’s DuckTales.

You can currently catch Brewster leading an all-new original animated series based on her character, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law in Birdgirl on HBO Max.

Kirsten Vangsness

One of the most recognizable faces tied to the franchise, Kirsten Vangsness played Penelope Garcia for a whopping 321 of the series’ 323 episodes. Vangsness is one of the few characters to have multiple appearances in the spinoffs Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Vangsness was so invested in the show that she even wrote several episodes, including the series finale, “And in the End.”

Before taking on the role of Garcia, Vangsness wasn’t well known in cinema or TV. Over the last few decades, however, she has appeared in several small roles in both TV and film, and has cut her teeth as a producer in the comedic noir, Kill Me, Deadly! Vangsness hasn’t been announced in any new roles since Criminal Minds wrapped up its final episode, so odds are she’s enjoying a much-deserved break like Joe Mantegna.

A.J. Cook

One of the few actors to appear in every single season, A.J. Cook starred in the main cast as Jennifer “JJ” Jareau for six seasons before stepping back to work on other projects. She took on a less central role but remained a recurring character for the rest of the series. 

Before she was cast in the show, Cook was a well-known actress in horror, appearing in films such as Wishmaster 3 and Final Destination 2. Although she appeared in several movies and in guest spots on other shows, Cook mainly stayed committed to her Criminal Minds family, despite eventually taking a more minor role. Cook currently appears to be keeping a low profile and is not attached to any new projects.

Matthew Gray Gubler

As the only actor credited in every single episode of the series, Matthew Gray Gubler became one of the show’s most popular characters as the genius Dr. Spencer Reid. Fun fact: Criminal Minds was only Gubler’s second-ever acting gig after appearing as an intern in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. But a lot has changed since then. Outside of his 15 years on the series, Gubler has landed several appearances in films such as 500 Days of Summer, Horse Girl, and Suburban Gothic. 

Gubler’s portrayal of Simon Seville in Alvin & the Chipmunks has landed the actor several roles in animated projects within the DC Universe.

Since his time on the show, Gubler has been quiet on the acting scene. His last few acting credits were his role on Horse Girl, a guest appearance on Hulu’s Dollface, and a lead role in the comedy, King Knight, scheduled to premiere sometime this year. Other than that, it seems that Gubler is also taking a well-deserved vacation.