Where was ‘The Bachelorette’ 2022 filmed? ‘The Bachelorette’ season 19 filming locations

Rachel and Gabby of 'The Bachelorette'
Screengrab via YouTube/ABC

The Bachelorette just kicked off its highly anticipated 19th season — and it’s guaranteed to be the most dramatic season ever, but there’s less irony here than usual. 

With two lead contestants, The Bachelorette really is upping the ante where drama is concerned, and it won’t be long before the tears are flowing. The first night already promised that this journey will be unique, memorable, and full of love — but also filled with heartache. 

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are the stars of season 19, and as they both search for love, they’re navigating unfamiliar waters. How do they balance dating all men at once without stepping on each other’s toes? How do the men decide which woman they feel more drawn to without hurting the other? This season comes with big questions, big stakes, but also a big reward at the end. 

In addition to the romance, drama, and lust factor, the exotic and exciting locations for their dates are also a significant draw for audiences. Of course, COVID-19 meant that travel was impacted for some time, but things are on the move once more for those who are on a quest to find true love. 

The Bachelorette season 19 will take viewers, and contestants, on a beautiful ride. So which locations did Gabby and Rachel visit on their road to happily ever after?

The Bachelor mansion

Kicking things off, as is the usual routine, the men met Gabby and Rachel at the Bachelor mansion, giving it their all to make a stellar first impression and get time with the women during the first cocktail party.

This season brought a set of twins to the mansion, a gentleman on a forklift, a shirtless guy on a white horse (poetic, no?), a handsome guy with hilarious one-liners, and a few who are already making viewers question their intentions. It also saw the first moments for Gabby and Rachel where they wondered how they’d make it all work. While the two are very supportive of one another, they both want to find love and seem to be attracted to similar men — we’ll have to keep tuning in to see how it unfolds.

Things have to begin at the mansion; it would be a travesty if it didn’t, but it doesn’t appear that they’ll be there for long!

While the official confirmation of their next location has yet to be made public (the show likes to surprise viewers alongside the contestants during the episode), producer Mike Fleiss has shared some behind the scene images on his social media accounts.


Space Needle or Eiffel Tower — that is the question, and Fleiss is saying one thing while looking at another in this caption. Rachel and Gabby have clearly jumped the pond for some dates. Europe is a favorite of Bachelor Nation; the dates are all romantic and beautiful.

While we’re not sure of the exact locations (sans the Eiffel Tower), viewers can expect to be wowed by all of it.

A cruise ship (or maybe not)

Again, The Bachelorette isn’t revealing all of their secrets, but another photo shared by Fleiss shows the pair as they appear to be on a cruise ship. 

At least, that’s the general consensus of social media. Several fans have been on cruises and felt confident that the image was shared on one. While we won’t know until the episodes air, we do know that it’s at an “international location.”

Life and Style Magazine might have given a bit of a thinly veiled secret away when they shared a quote from Nick Viall’s podcast about finding out that The Bachelorette was filmed on a cruise ship. 

“I’ve heard it’s going to be very different, and it’s going to have a Bachelor in Paradise feel to it. It is on a cruise ship — part of it. I asked people because it sounds like the producers think it’s gonna be really interesting but very different.”

Mexico (for the big finale)

Reality Steve confirmed that the finale for The Bachelorette is taking place in Mexico this season, with hometown dates likely being in the hometowns of the remaining contestants.

The exact location has yet to be revealed, but the finale is always filmed in a breathtaking place.

We hope the road leads them to true love regardless of where Gabby and Rachel end up. Here’s to happily ever after, and less drama than the previews lead us to believe is on the horizon.

You can watch The Bachelorette on ABC airing Monday nights at 8pm.