Will Dexter: New Blood Be On Amazon Prime?

The return of Dexter is something that few fans saw coming. Based on the popular novels written by Jeff Lindsay, the original show ran from 2006 to 2013 and followed Dexter Morgan, a Miami-based forensic technician specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis. Dexter wasn’t a regular cop, but rather one who hid a dark secret: at night, he was a serial killer, hunting down and killing those who went unpunished by the justice system.

The series was initially popular, but it alienated fans during its later seasons. The 8th and final season was utterly hated and the internet heavily criticized its lackluster ending. In fact, until the ending of Game Of Thrones, Dexter was seen as having the worst final season of any TV show in modern memory. 

The reboot, Dexter: New Bloodis looking to change that reputation.

What is Dexter: New Blood about?

Dexter: New Blood is set ten years after the end of the original series. Dexter Morgan is still in hiding, taking up the new name of Jim Lindsay and moving to the small rural town of Iron Lake, New York. 

In this town, Dexter has set up a small store and forged several relationships, including one with the local chief of police, Angela Bishop. Dexter’s new life is surprisingly peaceful and he’s been able to repress his serial killer urges. When a series of gristly incidents rock the small town, Dexter worries that his old habits might be resurfacing. 

Who stars in Dexter: New Blood?

Dexter: New Blood will see Dexter’s original actor Michael C. Hall return to the role. Julia Jones, most known for her role as Kohana in Westworld, is taking the part of police chief Angela Bishop. The cast also features legendary actor Clancy Brown, who will play a character called Kurt Caldwell. 

It has also been announced that Jennifer Carpenter will reprise her role as Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan. This surprised fans, as this character died during the original show, raising questions about how Dexter: New Blood will play out.

How do I watch Dexter: New Blood on TV? 

Dexter: New Blood will use a traditional broadcast model in both America and the United Kingdom. American viewers can watch the first episode of the show on Nov. 7 at 9 PM EST on Showtime. UK viewers will be able to watch the show on Sky Atlantic on Nov. 8 at 10 PM GMT.

Both countries will receive new episodes weekly. 

How do I stream Dexter: New Blood?

Viewers who can’t catch the show when it broadcasts need not worry. In America, episodes will be available via Hulu’s Showtime package. This will require you to pay an extra fee on top of your usual Hulu subscription.

Alternatively, you can add Showtime to your Amazon Prime Video package. Like Hulu, adding the network to your Prime package will involve paying an additional monthly fee. 

UK viewers can watch the series via the Now TV service, with episodes landing a few hours after they air on Sky Atlantic. 

Will you be watching Dexter: New Bloodand if so, do you think it can undo the previous show’s terrible reputation? Leave your thoughts below!