Will Kate Bishop set up the new ‘Avengers’ HQ?

Hawkeye viewers have been treated to a lot of impressive and expensive New York City real estate in the three episodes that have aired so far. And some of the Bishops’ more lavish domiciles have some Redditors wondering: Will a Bishop mansion become the fan-favorite Avengers Mansion the MCU has lacked for so long?

While Avengers fans have been treated to two iconic Avengers’ Headquarters in the MCU thus far, namely the Stark/Avengers tower that was destroyed in Age of Ultron, and the Avengers Compound, destroyed in Endgame, the longest canonical Avengers residence, Avengers Mansion, has yet to make an appearance.

Henry Clay Frick House Interior

In comics’ continuity, the Mansion, originally belonging to Tony Stark’s parents, was given over to the team to use in the second issue of the original comic in 1963. It continued to be used until it was ultimately destroyed in the mid-aughts during the storyline of the Avengers Disassembled. The Mansion, fictionally located at 580 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, was inspired by the real-life Henry Clay Frick House (located at the same address). It is arguably one of the most recognizable tracts of retail in Marvel Comic history, in the same ranks as the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building or Doctor Strange’s Greenwich Village Brownstone (which has appeared several times in the MCU).

The fate of the Avengers team at this point is still somewhat nebulous. While it ostensibly still exists, the team is wracked by the deaths of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. With Captain America and Thor both effectively out of the team by the end of Endgame, the new organization is currently nebulous. A new headquarters may be a massive step in branding a brand new version of the team.

Kate Bishop has already been established as a fan of The Avengers in general and Hawkeye in particular, having as a child witnessed them fighting off the Chitauri invasion in the Avengers‘ Battle of New York. Given her family’s vast wealth and her own personal hero worship, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility to imagine her turning her family property over to Hawkeye in hopes of reestablishing the team.

That said, there are still three episodes of Hawkeye left to air. At the end of episode three, Kate, who’s had her credit cards canceled and is already in the bad graces of her mother, isn’t exactly in a position to be donating any family real estate yet. Also, with many fans speculating that Vera Farmiga’s Eleanor Bishop may not exactly be on the side of the angels, there’s going to be a lot more revealed before the remaining Avengers take up residence in NYU again.