Will The Scarecrow Emerge In Gotham Season 4?


Now that the third season of Gotham will have concluded in a matter of hours, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look forward by pondering which iconic villains will be the next to make the jump to the Batman prequel series. To date, we’ve seen such beloved baddies as Penguin, Riddler and Mr. Freeze fully embrace their destinies, so it stands to reason that a few more will follow suit before the show takes its final bow.

In fact, DC All Access co-host Jason Inman had a similar thought on his mind when recently getting to interview key members of the cast ahead of the finale. Much like Jessica Lucas hoping to see Bane’s inclusion in the series, Ben McKenize has someone on his wish list too, as he said the following:

“I’ve always been keen on the Scarecrow. I’d love to see the Scarecrow show up.”

What makes that statement especially noteworthy isn’t just that it’s a villain McKenzie wants to see – it’s the fact that Inman prefaced the question by saying villains that the lead actor knows may be showing up. So, while it remains unclear as to what context McKenzie was actually speaking in, we can’t rule out the possibility of a fully realized Scarecrow making his presence known within the next year.

Of course, we’ve already seen Jonathan Crane appear as a youth back in season 1, but not as a full-blown supervillain. Should he resurface, the producers could either reemploy Charlie Tahan or simply recast. After all, they’ve already done so with Firefly.

Gotham airs on Monday nights on Fox.