The Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Tease A Different Roach

The Witcher

While Geralt of Rivia is no stranger to tragedy in The Witcher saga, newly leaked photos from the show’s set in Frensham Little Pond tease that the White Wolf might have to say goodbye to an old friend.

There are many colorful and compelling characters in the world of the Continent, most of whom know Geralt either from reputation or direct contact. They’re important figures, too, mind you, but the monster hunter being the calculating and stoic person he is, you can probably count all of those who know him on an intimate level with one hand. And fans of The Witcher will surely tell you that Geralt’s most loyal and reliable companion is actually his horse, Roach.

Of course, fans will also tell you that Roach is not a single character, but rather every horse that the Butcher of Blaviken has ever owned and traveled with. Still, all these rides form a bond with the Rivian monster slayer, which is why it’s going to be difficult for him to say goodbye to the one we’ve seen in the live-action Netflix series.

Recently leaked photos from the set of season 2, which you can check out below, see Geralt riding a different horse into battle, implying that something must have happened to the original Roach.

Other set pics had previously shown the crew wiping blood off of the animal, but we didn’t know if it was the horse’s or Geralt’s. If these new leaks are anything to go by, though, the trusty sidekick won’t survive the monster hunt near the ruins of Kaer Morhen.

Then again, it’s also possible for Roach and Geralt to somehow get separated during the events of The Witcher season 2, forcing the hunter to resort to a temporary ride to get the job done. Either way, we’ll know for sure when the next chapter of the show premieres in 2021.