New Witcher Season 2 Set Photos Show Geralt And Roach Together

The Witcher

A lot of people recognize Jaskier as Geralt’s most reliable companion in The Witcher saga, but true fans will know that the honor actually belongs to Roach, his horse.

Indeed, the White Wolf’s strange relationship with the animal is always a source of great comic relief for the narrative. Whether we’re talking about the books or CDPR’s game trilogy, Roach can be counted on to be there for Geralt, even when his sorceress friends, bards, and brothers in arms aren’t.

Now, it seems that Netflix also wants to extend this courtesy to their TV series. While the first season gave a few nods here and there to their intimate relationship, the upcoming chapter will delve even deeper into it and depict the two associates in another life threatening situation.

Lately, we’ve seen Henry Cavill’s titular protagonist wandering the wilderness, presumably hunting a new monster near the ruins of Kaer Morhen. And as filming continues, Redanian Intelligence has released yet another batch of set photos that predominantly feature the Rivian monster hunter again, but this time, Roach has tagged along for the ride as well.

The outlet has also revealed an interesting tidbit about this scene. Apparently, the crew were seen helping clean up fake blood from Roach in one instance. We don’t know whether this belongs to the monster or Geralt, but the beast must have surprised the titular hero since he rarely brings Roach into a fight.

This all presumably goes down in the first half of The Witcher season 2, where Geralt of Rivia takes Ciri to their stronghold in the southern kingdom of Kaedwin, though the Wolf will soon realize that the ancient keep isn’t safe for his Child Surprise.