The Witcher Season 2 Now Shooting Big Kaer Morhen Battle Sequence

The Witcher

The Witcher‘s second season was hit hard by COVID-19. Back in March, the shoot had only just begun when a member of the cast came down with the virus, necessitating a pause in production and a deep clean of the set. Soon after came the lockdowns, meaning that the show is only now picking up where it left off.

Things look to be back in full swing, however, as a report from fan website Redanian Intelligence indicates that the series is currently shooting a major battle sequence at Kaer Morhen. For the uninitiated, Kaer Morhen is a castle that houses the base of the Witcher School of the Wolf, of which Geralt is a member. It’s a training school, repository of weapons, a place for injured Witchers to rest and where experiments are conducted on new mutagens. Fans of CD Projekt Red’s hit video games will be familiar with it as the series began there in 2007’s The Witcher and it went on to play a major part in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

According to the report, the scene involves multiple Witchers, including Geralt, Vesemir, Lambert, Eskel, Coën and Ciri. So, who or what could they be fighting? Well, the castle of Kaer Morhen has come under attack many times, to the point where much of it’s a ruin. Given how important Ciri is, perhaps Geralt has taken her there for security only for word to get out to the Nilfgaardians hunting her?

It could also be an indication that, as in the books and games, Geralt intends to begin training Ciri as a Witcher in order to give her some combat skills. Though she was often a helpless princess in the first season, Ciri showed a lot of toughness towards the final episodes and I can’t wait to see Freya Allan hone her character’s killer instinct.