The Witcher Team Spent Months Working On Henry Cavill’s Impressive Wig

The Witcher

Besides location scouting, casting, scriptwriting and the myriad other components that go into planning a successful TV show, one other all-important aspect of Netflix’s The Witcher consumed an awful lot of time.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Henry Cavill, you’ll likely know that the actor is far from sprouting any grey hairs. Geralt of Rivia’s impressive mane, on the other hand, is as white as a sheet, meaning costume designers were faced with two options. Go the CGI route – which, incidentally, has caused its fair share of problems for Cavill in the past – or craft one hell of a convincing wig for the actor to wear. We know, of course, that the team ultimately went for the latter, but just how difficult was it, replicating the White Wolf’s iconic look?

Well, according to showrunner Lauren Hissrich, the process wasn’t as simple as bleaching a fake head of hair and calling it a day.

Responding to one fan’s query on the topic in a recent Reddit AMA, Hissrich reveals how the team trialled a number of different wigs, one of which actually made it into the hit series’ pilot episode. “We tried several versions of a full white wig,” she recalls, adding “it glowed on-screen, looking almost grandma blue under the lights. It was an abomination, and laughable.” Unsatisfied with those unsuccessful early attempts, dirt and lowlights were added in an attempt to make the headdress more believable, a process of trial and error that took “months to get it to a place where we were happy with it,” Hissrich admits.

The result of that process meant the final wig as seen on Cavill’s head was more silver than white, making Geralt’s nickname – White Wolf – something of a misnomer. To offset the confusion, though, Hissrich says the nickname will make more sense to fans who’ve never read the books in future seasons when “we meet future Witchers, and see that none of their hair was impacted by the Trials.”

The Witcher season 2 is due for release in 2021, and preparations for filming have already begun. See here for all the details.