You’re The Worst Red-Band Trailer Turns Up The Raunch


With Middle Eastern political drama Tyrant, vampire thriller The Strain and Judy Greer-Nat Faxon comedy Married all on the way this summer, You’re the Worst almost certainly holds the unfortunate title of least-anticipated FX show. The raunchy comedy follows two self-destructive individuals (Aya Cash and Chris Geere) who attempt to turn their one-night stand into a relationship, despite each preferring purely physical interactions with the opposite sex.

Today, a new red-band trailer has landed online, making You’re the Worst seem more like a hard-R comedy than a network show. In the trailer, there are copious amounts of sex scenes and sex jokes, with lots of partial nudity and foul language. Whether that will be a winning formula for the show, from Weeds writer Stephen Falk, remains to be seen. Cash is clearly going to be a draw for the male audience, as is Geere for the female audience, but neither actor has any name recognition. You’re the Worst is also probably going to pay the price for arriving after a glut of friends-with-benefits comedies, both on the big and the small screen. It will have to display some very, very sharp writing to avoid being passed over by TV viewers who think the series is just going to give them more of the same.

Admittedly, the trailer made me laugh a few times, so I’ll likely be tuning in when the premiere arrives to see what Falk has up his sleeve. The pilot was also directed by The Kings of Summer helmer Jordan Vogt-Roberts, so You’re the Worst will hopefully display an interesting visual style as well.

You’re the Worst premieres July 17th at 10:30 p.m. on FX, following the premiere of Married.

You’re The Worst, from creator/exec producer/showrunner Stephen Falk, is a comedic love story about what happens when two toxic, self-destructive people (Aya Cash and Chris Geere) fall in love despite themselves and attempt the impossible — a relationship.