X-Men Writer Confirms Marvel Is Working On Rebooting Daredevil

Daredevil fans are desperate for Spider-Man: No Way Home to arrive next month as it will reportedly feature a cameo from Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, marking his big return to the MCU since Netflix cancelled the Man Without Fear’s TV series after three seasons back in 2018. Obviously, the hope is that this is just the beginning of his time working with Marvel Studios, and new word has it that Kevin Feige is working on a reboot of Hell’s Kitchen’s hero.

Screenwriter David Hayter recently attended MCM London Comic-Con where he spoke with the press. As he has a long history of working on Marvel properties, including X-Men, X-Men 2 and penning the script for an unmade Black Widow movie, Hayter was asked what character he’d liked to tackle if he ever returned to the Marvel fold. His choice was Daredevil, confirming he’s heard the studio is revamping him in the process. As per Small Screen:

“You know, they’re doing a reboot of Daredevil and Daredevil was always a very important character to me, and I loved the first way they did it. But there’s certain things that I, you know, that I want to adapt from the Frank Miller run on Daredevil that really meant a lot to me. Um, yeah, I mean, that’s really the one.”

Hayter didn’t go into any more detail than that, so we don’t really know what he means in using the term “reboot” as it’s one that has all kinds of interpretations these days. The writer could be alluding to Marvel starting from scratch with Daredevil, but that flies in the face of everything we’ve heard about Cox coming back for No Way Home. It’s more likely, then, that he’s referring to a new TV series or even movie being in the works that would relaunch Murdock under the Marvel Studios banner.

A new show, ending up on Disney Plus or Hulu, has been rumored many times over the past couple of years. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin has frequently been said to be a shoo-in for such a project, alongside Cox. However, nothing has ever been officially discussed at this stage. But once Spider-Man 3 goes out into the world in December, then maybe Kevin Feige and co. will start talking a little more openly about Daredevil‘s future in the MCU.